How To Fix YouTube Channel App For Facebook: YouTube For Pages Not Working

If you’re trying to add the YouTube app from involver to your Facebook page, you may be seeing an error like

HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request

Then when you click Reload it says

YouTube for Pages
This application is already installed for all applicable pages.

I’ve found it very hard to find the solution on Google. Many people try with different browsers, and I believe it’s a an issue with cookies. Here’s what I did.

Using Google Chrome,

1). Unistall the YouTube for Pages app

2). Download the app again

3). Go to My Apps tab on your Facebook profile, click on YouTube app

4). Install YouTube For Pages app, select which page you want

5). Fill out information

6). The whole time be watching for the cookies icon with the red X through it in the far right of your address bar. Once you see it, right click the icon and allow the site to set cookies.

7). Add your YouTube user name exactly as it appears on YouTube

From most of the forums, I’ve read, the issue always seems to be cookie-related, no matter the browser. Did this help? Please share this post, if it solved your problem.