Buffalo Compared To What?

By Griffin Jones

I’m a Buffalo centrist. I don’t buy into the negativity that Buffalo is a dump, there’s nothing to do, and no good will ever come of it. I also don’t buy the hype that Buffalo is a major city that has everything you could want. I’ve been to major cities and many of them have a lot of things that I really wish we had in Buffalo.

So, I constantly compare Buffalo to other cities. It’s not an aspiration, Buffalo will never be any city other than the one it is, and we are unique. It’s a baseline. I am always grateful and proud, and never satisfied with the status quo. I think the summary of Buffalo at the end of the 21st century is entirely dependent on the will of its people to hold it to excellence. We have an opportunity to push Buffalo to a level of greatness far beyond what she’s at now. So while I’m young and able…I’m pushing.

Push it. Push it real good.


Refugees in Buffalo: Reinforcements have arrived

By Griffin Jones

“The people in Buffalo are just the best. They’re just good people.” It used to annoy me when people would rattle this off as the first thing that they like about Western New York. I thought it was corny. And probably inaccurate. As I get a little bit older, I see more of the truth in it. At the very least, there is a “down to earth” aspect of our culture that I don’t want to go away, no matter how many shiny new things we have to celebrate.

I see Buffalo’s refugee community playing a huge role in keeping the best of Buffalo while we learn to adapt to the present. I’m idealizing both Buffalo and immigrant values and I don’t care. It’s the part we were born to play.