Old Buffalo vs. New Buffalo

By Griffin Jones

“Buffalo: We got nice shit now.”

That’s what I wanted to title this video. I really want to call attention to two different things. First, Buffalo has enjoyed a lot more “cosmopolitan” success in the last five years relative to what it saw in the previous five decades. Second, Buffalo has always had a great deal of cultural gold mines that many of us have ignored or simply didn’t know about. I want everyone in Buffalo to visit a new establishment that has just opened in the last year or so, and to tell us if you recommend it or not. I also want you to visit one of Buffalo’s many heritage locations that you’ve never actually been to (I still haven’t been to friggin’ Ulrich’s).

What is a new place that recently opened that everyone should check out? On the flipside, what is one of Buffalo’s best kept secrets that we may have ignored even though we may have lived here our whole lives?


4 thoughts on “Old Buffalo vs. New Buffalo

  1. OK, the new-ish place I tried was Texas de Brazil at the Walden Galleria. It’s a Brazillian steakhouse and it was really good!! The old place I checked out was the waterfall thing at Niagara Falls. It was kinda cool to see, all that water falling. I don’t think I’d go back there anytime soon though. I looked over the river and the Canadian side looks way cooler! I can wait to check that out. I heard there’s a Brazillian steakhouse over there too, and it’s supposed to be even better than Texas de Brazil (which was better than the waterfall by the way)!

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