Old Buffalo vs. New Buffalo

By Griffin Jones

“Buffalo: We got nice shit now.”

That’s what I wanted to title this video. I really want to call attention to two different things. First, Buffalo has enjoyed a lot more “cosmopolitan” success in the last five years relative to what it saw in the previous five decades. Second, Buffalo has always had a great deal of cultural gold mines that many of us have ignored or simply didn’t know about. I want everyone in Buffalo to visit a new establishment that has just opened in the last year or so, and to tell us if you recommend it or not. I also want you to visit one of Buffalo’s many heritage locations that you’ve never actually been to (I still haven’t been to friggin’ Ulrich’s).

What is a new place that recently opened that everyone should check out? On the flipside, what is one of Buffalo’s best kept secrets that we may have ignored even though we may have lived here our whole lives?

Bring ‘Em to Buffalo

By Griffin Jones

This is an easy assignment that almost everyone in Buffalo can pull off. We all have friends from elsewhere that have said they would like to visit Buffalo, but have never made the trip. Make it happen this summer. Invite your friends, and make sure you set the stage properly. I don’t recommend comparing Buffalo to major cities or over-selling it because my experience has been that it leaves people disappointed once they come here. Let them know cool things are happening, and we still lack for a lot. We just want to see what they think.

What have your visitors thought about Buffalo? Where did you take them?

Buffalo: Now Is the Time

By Griffin Jones

I still think about this all the time. Buffalo is what is is for the amazing people who work tirelessly and thanklessly to improve it on any margin they can. We need deeper ranks. There are so many people that have taken charge of different tasks and they need help.

Get up off of your ass Buffalo. There are too many lurkers. I’m not singling out, Buffalo, this is a pretty universal truth. Most people are passive observers. Still, for those observers that have it in the to become action-takers…do it. Every single person counts and it’s all hands on deck all the time.

Taking responsibility for a cause that you don’t get paid for is what it means to be a citizen, and there is no shortage of them to choose from, especially in Buffalo.

Do You Really Want to Move Back to Buffalo?

By Griffin Jones

Shit or get off the pot. You don’t owe anything to Buffalo if you moved away for your career or to pursue any of your dreams. There are plenty of other places that can offer you things that would be really hard to find here.

Just don’t hold your breath waiting for things to get better. Making things better is not a magical phenomenon that happens on its own, it happens from creative people working very hard to go against economic and cultural stubbornness. Buffalo is what it is for the people who are here.

Buffalo Zero Zero

By Griffin Jones

Thinking good things will last forever is what led Buffalo to a massive economic depression, and thinking things will never get better is what kept it there for several decades.

We have improved greatly over the last couple years, and there is no finish line for the work we need to do. The score is always zero zero.


Should we care what people from Toronto say about Buffalo?

By Griffin Jones

Toronto is the fifth largest city in North America and it has an annual GDP of $316 billion. Buffalo can’t afford to ignore Toronto. It’s not about pandering to haters and it certainly isn’t about comparing the two cities.

It’s about investing in relationships in Toronto because having such a major economic and cultural center only 2 hours away is a major growth hack for us. If we get up to Toronto more often, and make real friendships, people from Toronto will become genuinely more interested in Buffalo.