I’m Back, Buffalo…and I’m Going to War

By Griffin Jones

And we’re back.

I have a lot to get off of my chest right now, Buffalo. I have to be completely honest with how I’ve failed you and what my plan for you is in the future.

I have been gone for almost a year and a half. (That’s not how I failed Buffalo, a Buffalo rumspringa is a great thing). I spent January 2014 to May 2015 at an NGO called Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH) in Bolivia.It was probably the best time of my life. If I were just a couple years younger, I bet I would have stayed longer.

Now I’m back in this place that is a life project of mine. So let me get right into this conversation with Buffalo and tell you where I’m headed.

I think I failed Buffalo in the fact that it took me too long to get to where I am now. That was my fault. I stayed at a lousy job because I didn’t aggressively explore the amazing realm of possibilities that now exist in the Digital Age.I complained for far too long. I didn’t connect with people who are putting their energy and talent into improving Buffalo.Once I finally did, I spent a lot of time trying to convince people who weren’t on board.

That was stupid.

I don’t do that anymore. It’s futile to spend a single minute trying to persuade businesses to delve in with their hearts and souls into the rising tide of Buffalo, when that’s not where their hearts and souls are.

I need to be that businessman. I need to live it. I’m doubling my down on my strengths. I am very good at sales, marketing, customer service, and building culture. I suck at pretty much everything else.

I need to take my skills and talents as far as they will possibly go to back up the fact that I still believe in all the things that I stood by before. I won’t wast time trying to persuade entrepreneurs to invest in Buffalo. I will be a successful entrepreneur who lives in and invests in Buffalo and I will tell everybody about it to so much length that they avoid me at cocktail parties. That’s why I shifted my business. You can read more about that on my home page, but it’s not all that interesting.

Also, you won’t see too many posts from me from here on out. Writing isn’t really my style. Relatively few people read my blog, and even writing it now, the way I speak and my natural tone of voice don’t translate well into text.

You will instead see more videos from me. I was able to resonate with a lot more people that way and I feel like I can be more genuine with my personality. Starting in July, I will publish one YouTube video per month. Call me out if I start to fall behind. I will continue to make crappy quality iPhone videos with compelling stories until a talented filmmaker decides to take pity on me and we collaborate to start making some stuff that you can really be proud of.

I have hung out the flag of war, my Queen City. I started hustling before I even touched ground on US soil. Don’t get it twisted, I’m doing this for myself first. I want to be a rich dude and I hope everyone knows that. Within that is this satisfaction I get from being a part of NPH, Big Brothers, and this hot, sexy, mess of a town that I call the City of Dead Thugs.

The favor I’m asking of you is to call me out when you see me slacking up. Make me defend my ego with action. Force me to earn all of the honors that I attribute to myself in my mind. You can do that right?

Rep. Rep. Rep.

Rep. Rep. Rep.