The Top 10 Quotes from TEDx Buffalo 2013

By Griffin Jones

Probably a lot more, but this is what I wrote down.

10). “We will continue to report the story of me. But I remain skeptical that many will report the story of us, the collective story of society,” –Mike Connelly

9). “The longest running conversation you will ever have is with yourself,” –Matt Petroski

8). “We have so many problems and so far to go, so much is possible for us. We are all changing our neighborhoods. We’re changing our cities. Not so they look like someone else’s city. So they look like us,” –Bryana DiFonzo

7). “The unimportant is beauty. So what this means is, the things we might overlook…might be where beauty lies,”–Jeremy Speed Schwartz

Danimal Cannon rocking Chiptune.

Danimal Cannon rocking Chiptune.

6). “The hope for my life was lost and unexpectedly returned by the great hope provided by my good neighbors. Now we feel our life in the US is blooming, like marigolds in spring as in our native land,”–Bishnu Adhikari

5). “We can see everything but where we are. So we can see almost all of it. And we can understand most of it. But we don’t really have the full picture,”–Ben Siegel

4). “Capitalism only works if we are wiling to defend our human dignity, to protect your quality of life, and to stand for your own values,”–Gloria Zemer

3). “I hope that what we can think about, is that we were a version of Buffalo in 2013 that thought so much of itself, that we were going to create an attitude of curiosity,”–Ben Siegel

2). “You have to be able to overcome the fear of rejection of your own ideas so you can advance the ideas of someone else,” Matt Petroski

1). “Righteousness is seeing good in each other,”–Michael Martin



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