Buffalo, It’s Not For Everyone

By Griffin Jones

In marketing, it’s sometimes better to say what your product is not, rather than what it is. Horseless carriage, lead-free gasoline, off-track betting. Buffalo is not a prefab city. We got problems.

If you’re looking for a city with a generous job market, popular status, a bustling city center, and an overflow of young people, you’re not in the market for Buffalo.

Buffalo is not the victor of struggles against crime, poverty, environmental degradation, and inequality. It is the front.

Buffalo is a product for the people who want to be on the front. For them, the excitement is holding the line, and finally, forcing the turning point. It is for those whose emotional and social needs are met by actively contributing to change.

Buffalo is not an incubator for entrepreneurship. It is for those who can create opportunity from these disadvantages. That’s an extremely rare person, and therefore extremely important.

Buffalo is not for parents who want to send their children to the best public schools, which is a high stake. What could be more responsible than wanting to secure the best possible future for your children? Buffalo is for people who want to make public schools better by sending their kids there.

Buffalo is not for those who want a finished product. Buffalo is for pioneers and those who reinforce them.

For those not in the market for Buffalo, no offense taken. There are many amazing cities that can meet needs that Buffalo cannot. There are many other (perhaps greater) causes to be championed elsewhere.

Just please don’t tell the people on the front that their product isn’t good enough . They know. That’s exactly why they’re there.


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