The Eyes of the City: Look What We’re Doing, Buffalo

By Griffin Jones

Part of Buffalo’s success is all of the new developments taking place around town. The other part, is that we’re finally discovering what we’ve had all along. The Mid-Day Club of Buffalo is a hidden jewel on the 21st floor of the Liberty Building’s western tower.  It’s one of the amazing relics of Buffalo’s past that fits perfectly with it’s bright future.

The Mid-Day Club of Buffalo's Uncanny Panoramic View

The Mid-Day Club of Buffalo’s Uncanny Panoramic View

The membership lunch club opened in 1936 in a stock exchange building that no longer exists. In the 1950s, it moved to the Liberty Building. The club’s board chose the western tower for its view of the Lake . That view, by the way, cannot be overstated. The cozy dining/social area boasts a 280 degree vista of the city of Buffalo for miles.

They host unique events like the “Serial Killers as Celebrities” Lunch Talk on Halloween, that allow the public to experience the intrigue of the club. And it gets better: To get there, you have to take the elevator to the 19th floor, head down the hall, and walk the remaining two flights of stairs.  It all adds to the Club’s allure as the gem in the sky.

General Manager, Jim Mackowski, has been at the Mid-Day Club for 12 years. He’s watched the city’s progress first hand in that time. “We see everything from here. We’re the eyes of the city at times. We don’t just hear about it, we actually SEE the growth happening,”

That’s exactly this little lunch club’s “forever” value to Buffalo. We want to SEE the progress we’ve made. We want to look over the work we’ve done, to reflect over the struggle of thousands of people who put their heart and soul into bettering our city. “People want to make changes here,” Mackowski says of Buffalo. Yes, we do. And sometimes we deserve to sit back and marvel over it all. The Mid-Day Club is just the place.


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