Advance Buffalo: It’s Okay to Leave

By Griffin Jones

Buffalo is experiencing a renaissance. The digital age has brought more opportunities to different areas than ever. But in some lines of work, there are only a few places to get to the top.

Dan Fisher is a Buffalo comedian who, with a number of local acts like Josh Potter, Shaun Murphy, Brian Herberger, and Jim Kurdziel, has contributed tremendously to Buffalo comedy. I would argue that without the contingent of young talented comedians who have formed their own scene, that  a place like Helium Comedy Club probably wouldn’t have come to Buffalo.

File photo

File photo

We have a richer entertainment culture in Buffalo because of Dan Fisher and his friends. But in comedy, despite its omnipotence in digital media, the very top is relegated to a scarce number of places. So Dan Fisher will leave Buffalo for New York. And that is a good thing.

Fisher is at the highest level of comedic talent. He should be on Conan, Fallon, and Comedy Central. The only way he can bring more to Buffalo entertainment is to leave Buffalo.

It will greatly benefit Buffalo when people like Fisher may be able to get to a place in their career where they can work at the upper echelon from anywhere. But sometimes they have to leave first. We want and need the best and most connected people here. To everyone advancing their career elsewhere, you’re welcome home invitation is standing and it always will be.

Best of luck, Dan.

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