The #1 Piece of Advice for Buffalo Repats

By Griffin Jones

Among my favorite people that I’ve met this year who are improving Buffalo are the people behind Silo City Rocks and BFLO Harbor Kayak. Co-Owner Jay Schwinger and Marketing Director Alex Farrington are two repatriates to Buffalo  who perfectly articulate how someone returning from an area with no shortage of things to do, finds fulfillment in the City of Good Neighbors.

Jay has a concept, “Paint the Apartment”. To paraphrase: if you live in a dingy apartment, and the very act of looking at the disrepair makes you loco, buy a cheap bucket of paint and paint the walls. The quality of the apartment will slightly improve, and more importantly you will feel better about living there.

Alex says more importantly still, is that it inspires further progress. She says that being personally involved in Buffalo’s revitalization is what makes moving back to Buffalo so rewarding.

Become as engaged as you possibly can in Buffalo’s progress, and its shortcomings will cease to bother you. Take it from Jay, the guy who brought the very first business to the new Canalside. He isn’t daunted by depending on the large-scale result of rehabilitating an entire city. His approach is that of the repat, “I do it for my own sanity,”


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