Save The Planet: Move To Buffalo

By Griffin Jones

The city of Buffalo has less than half of the population that it did in 1950. People have used that truth as a negative descriptor of Buffalo ever since. How could the same truth be a marketing advantage today?

People want to feel like they’re decent caretakers of the environment. Yet, we all do things to the contrary until our behavior becomes socially unacceptable and more eco-friendly alternatives become the norm .  This is the time to position the first of Buffalo’s new marketing attributes. With seven billion (and growing) human beings on the planet, it is impossible to be good stewards of the environment without rehabilitating existing urban spaces like Buffalo.

New York City’s population is fast approaching 8.4 million people over 300 square miles. They should hang a No Vacancy sign over the Freedom Tower. Toronto has added hundreds of square miles to its greater metro area within the last few decades. These cities  are usually space-efficient in their inner core, but they have to develop new land to accommodate growing populations. Never mind the uncontrolled growth of cities like Houston.

Therefore (all things being equal), moving to  Buffalo is better for the Earth that moving to most major cities  anywhere in the world.

Ok, I desperately need a photographer and a graphic design artist that want to work on this with me, but there are very few ideas that can lead someone to begin changing their mind. This is one of them.

The image has to be painted of a Before and After

1). When we grow:

A vacant Victorian building at a littered corner at Grant and LaFayette.

The beautiful facade of Sweetness 7 Cafe with the lovely plants they have outside.

2). When they grow:

An overcrowded city street

A bulldozer excavating a beautiful wooded area.

3). Keep Our Planet Beautiful: Choose Buffalo

Which would you rather see turned into condos? This?

Which would you rather see turned into condos? This…

Or This?

Or This?



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