Cause Marketing: Putting Your Mouth Where Your Money Is

By Griffin Jones

Of course everyone should be involved with a cause to create the best possible version of themselves. And not just financial contributions to a charity, but truly believing in, advocating for, and wholeheartedly participating in the cause. So too for businesses. Many businesses (particularly large corporations) pick a cause celeb, slap whatever color ribbon on their product, and donate 2% from every purchase. Like any marketing technique, there’s nothing remarkable here, and it certainly doesn’t tug at any heart strings.

In the digital age, the only way to make a full impact with cause marketing is to be a tireless champion for the cause. Anything less goes unnoticed or worse, comes across as disingenuous. Now everyone knows I make no bones about my favoritism for the Made In America Store, and this is why.

I was at a country music festival this past Fourth of July weekend sponsored by the Made In America Store. Most sponsors would set up a booth, hang up a couple signs, and leave early. Could you blame them? It’s the Fourth of July, who wouldn’t want to be relaxing by the pool with a cold one?

Yet, all three nights, MIA Store owner Mark Andol, showed his patriotism through his actions. He took the stage, praised the flag, encouraged everyone to show their gratitude to the troops, and spilled his pride for American workmanship. He walked through the crowd and thanked veterans for their service. He had a smile from ear to ear like he always does.

If you want to be successful at cause marketing, take a page out of that guy’s book. Cause marketing only works if you truly care about the cause. No one does that better than the Made In America Store.


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