Buffalo’s Best In Social Media: Real Estate

By Griffin Jones

When it comes to social media, I don’t know of any category like real estate. Imagine if the restaurant category were like the real estate category. Instead of the restaurants themselves having the largest followings, it would be individual waiters and chefs who had bigger presences than their companies. That’s real estate.

I can’t speak to the relationships between brokers (the real estate companies) and agents (the licensed individuals who work for them). But no broker in Western New York has established dominance in any of the major social media platforms.

I wonder why, because I can tell that many of their agents see the value in it.


A quick search for an agent who I see advertising her own Facebook page shows Beth Stablewski with far more (post) likes, comments, and shares on her page than any WNY broker. Beth has really great content on her page (photos of sold homes, features of her team) that definitely differentiate her in my eyes as a customer.

That’s also true for Rob Measer who answers local WNY real estate questions in his well optimized blog, www.realestatewny.com.

I’m one of Colleen Kulikowski’s nearly 3,000 Twitter followers. She has relevant information every hour and I don’t see any broker with that kind of following.

So for this year, best in social media goes to the agents. They’ve taken the initiative and have a lot more to offer current and potential clients because of it. I hope, by this time next year, I can say the same of the brokers.


3 thoughts on “Buffalo’s Best In Social Media: Real Estate

  1. Considering the changes in the online world, it just makes sense for any business to have a presence in social media. Many people (includes some agents) do not realize that when you are a real estate agent, you are a business. And just like many different businesses have found social media to be an effective way to connect with potential clients/customers, the same is very true in real estate. Plus there are supposedly some SEO benefits to a strong social media presence.

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