The simplest way to know if my business HAS to use Twitter

By Griffin Jones

A peer of mine wisely said, ‘you don’t have to be active in every form of social media. You have to master one thing, and then maybe move on’. He’s right. My advice: reserve your real estate on Foursquare, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ but focus on where your customers are.

At time of publication, for most direct to consumer businesses, that’s Facebook. More than 60% of all US adults are active on Facebook. Therefore, your customers are most likely to interact with you and refer their friends through that platform.

But how do you know if Twitter is a priority? Do an advanced search for your business name in If you see that people are talking about your business on a regular basis (this is different from tweeting to your handle), then you have to be on Twitter.

People use Twitter to talk about what’s on their mind or on what they’re doing at the very moment. If that involves you, wouldn’t you like to have a voice in that conversation?



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