Buffalo’s Best In Social Media: Grocery

By Griffin Jones

I see a lot to be desired when it comes to small businesses  taking ownership of their social media communities, so I better be fair and give credit when it’s due.

Wegmans dominates the grocery category with likes, as well they should. They are an outstanding business that gives people a lot to talk about. I could write a whole post on them and maybe I will. But pound for pound, I’m really impressed with Budwey’s Supermarkets. Through their work with the talented Kevin Evanetski and his crew at ‘SocialYeah’, Budwey’s has racked up outlandish stats like these:


640 check ins

1,231 Talking About This

Stolen from www.facebook.com/budweys. Check out their page!

Stolen from http://www.facebook.com/budweys. Check out their page!

That last number is what really impresses me. Scroll through their posts, and you will see hundreds of people who are really engaging with Budwey’s. They give us plenty to talk about with recipes, community stories, and top down staff involvement. In a marketplace where the fate of most independent grocers is uncertain, Budwey’s has made a huge investment into the only asset they can fall back–on their customers.

Way to go, guys. It’s encouraging.


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