2013: Long Past Time to Disrupt Local Business Complacency

By Griffin Jones

It’s 2013. Has been for sometime actually. I’m just not sure if many small business owners are aware of that. According to USAToday, 61% of small businesses don’t see any Return On Investment from their social media activities. Translation: At least 61% of small businesses are using social media incorrectly. Social media scaled in 2008. They’ve been around much longer than that, but we’ve been PAST the cutting edge for FIVE years. I’m deeply concerned about the fate of local businesses over the next few years. Major corporations have developed/are developing technology based on eye movement, algorithms of interests, and readiness to purchase, that can all be executed with an instant transaction from a smart phone. Meanwhile, 61% of local businesses can’t even nurture their customer relationships on Facebook or adapt to feedback from Twitter or Yelp. I took a look at the Facebook pages of the two businesses that the USA Today story featured. Between the two of them, they mounted a whopping 57 likes, had no compelling content, and (at least according to the narrative of the article) have concluded that social media does not work for them. Small businesses are on the burning platform and so am I. That means sticking with the status quot is more dangerous to small businesses than trying to adapt. I’m at the same point. I’m running out of patience and I’m going to start pushing. This is not cutting edge technology. It is the way people communicate, and we are late. Very late. The success of local businesses affects our livelihoods, the control we have over our communities, and our overall quality of lives. We have to disrupt the complacency of small businesses now. It’s too dangerous not to.



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