Snap Out Of It

By Griffin Jones

No matter where you are in life, there are always times when you feel like you can rebound from anything, and points when you feel like all is hopeless. I really try to snap people out of the hopeless phase. The world needs you to make it better. You can’t do that when you’re frozen. But how can I unfreeze others when I fall into that trap myself? There are times I want to stay in bed. I want to make excuses for why we (I) can’t get things done. That’s when we need to find someone else to pick us up. Mark Andol of the Made In America Store may feel beaten down every night of his life. There must be times when he feels like  trying to save the American economy is impossible. But if he does, you would never know it. I hung out with Mark a few weeks ago at his General Fabricating and Welding Plant. If you’ve seen Mark fired up on a TV interview, that wasn’t for the cameras. He sleeps, eats, and breathes the mission of saving the American livelihood. If he really feels that way 100% of the time, or if he has to phone it in sometimes for us to feel better, either way, I’m grateful.

Photo shamelessly stolen from

Photo shamelessly stolen from Like their page!

Because it’s people like him that fire me up. Owning multiple businesses with tons of overhead, against fierce competition, and a fickle economy has to be daunting. But it’s the people like Mark that are at the hardest part of the long chain reaction of snapping people out of the hopeless phase—the beginning. I may get down sometimes, but when I see Mark fighting the good fight, all the time, I can’t quit. I can’t let him down a guy who refuses to say die in the name of making life better for us, his neighbors. And when we feel better, we can pull someone else up.  Somehow I think that chain reaction isn’t a line, but a circle. Hopefully we  reinforce to Mark, Dan, and all of the people in the Made America movement that what they’re doing means the world, and we couldn’t keep on with out them.

Who snaps you out of it?


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