Disney CP Alumni Syndrome: Permanent Quarter Life Crisis

Don’t worry, I’m not going Uncle Rico on anybody. There’s a lot more to life than constant fun, unlimited friends, and endless cross-cultural experiences. I’m told. Everyone has a youthful nostalgia that they always long for, just a little. Mine has to do with one college semester in Orlando, Florida several years ago. A lot of people dog on the Disney College Program. I wouldn’t say Disney treats their interns, err, cast members, very well, but it’s absolutely worth it.

I took advantage of it, but not full advantage. I let homesickness get the better of me. I was bitter at losing half of my beloved roommates, some by their own choosing, some were on the losing end of an absurd conduct policy. And more importantly, I guess I didn’t realize how unique the experience was. Somewhere in the back of my head I thought I would be back. Or I would have plenty more opportunities like it. I lacked perspective of how short a few months are over the course of a youth, much more the course of a life. I had no idea these features were unique to the Disney experience:

That you can talk to whomever you want. Everyone is having a contest of how many friends they can make, and everyone wins.

studly six

Everyone wants to do something all of the time. You can stand on your porch and yell at passers by and tell them to come upstairs to hang out with you and your roommates and they will.

That you work with people from all of the world and you develop an in group with people from so many different backgrounds. I made more close friends in four months of the Disney College Program than I did in four years of college.

Wait, there’ s good news!  It’s only the experience of taking such an time for granted that teaches us to appreciate  now. Because of it, I’m much better at living in the moment…at trying anyway. Anticipation of the future only causes you to lose a point in your life that will never happen again. I savor every phase of life because of that lesson.

That said, if the Lord counts me worthy enough that He may grant me eternal life in Heaven, I hope I get four more months of the Disney College Program. Shit, make it an Advantage Program.

Please pass this on to other CP alum and please share a little of your experience below!


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