The Five Best and Worst Commercials of the Super Bowl and Why It’s Probably Different From Your List

By Griffin Jones

I go for memorable and clear in portraying a product attribute OR a brand position. That’s it.Toyot



•Library Fight
•No huge burden in terms of messaging, it’s Oreo. But they did manage to bring some positioning to an otherwise “unpositionable” product. Funniest Commercial of the Game

2). Dodge Ram

•The Farmer In All of Us
•Not for everyone, but boldly claimed the Salt of the Earth position; important in the truck category. Like it or not, most compelling ad of the night

3). Budweiser

•Clydesdale Grows Up
•Bolstered a classic brand image without going over the top. Touching, and far more memorable than the Black Crown spots

4). Hyundai Santa Fe

•Mother and Son recruit kids for pickup football team
•Unimpressed with the two other Hyundai ads but this pulled off the two most important tasks: give us interesting content and hit home a single product attribute
•Chubby red-headed kids are always funny

5).  Go Daddy

•Nerd and Supermodel Kiss
•Their campaigns have always been sexist, this at least gives you a lot more to think and talk about than the usual “look at this hot chick”


1). and 2). Toyota Corolla and Rav 4

•College ex-girlfriend and Genie who grants wishes for family
•Nice work, Toyota. You just wasted $8 million reinforcing zero product attributes and using over the top contemporary jokes to give your brand a voice that says, “Look everybody! We’re cool!”

3). Century 21

•Bride stops wedding to call out Century 21 agent
•Unfunny. Uninspired. And the strongest “Love Our Brand” message of the game. Therefore, the worst

4). CBS’s Two Broke Girls

•Dancing to Def Leopard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me
•What the heck?
5). Wonderful Pistachios



•Office Islander
•Funny. Cute. But Happiness isn’t a tenable brand attribute. Probably won’t do anything for VW

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