Marketing Challenge: 7 Steps for the Best Senior Living Social Media Campaign

By Griffin Jones

I would venture a guess that most senior living facilities are weary of social media. I can’t say I recall seeing any senior living stories in any of my Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus feeds. Their first reservation is probably that their clientele are not digital natives. True, but there are 35 million women ages 45-64 on Facebook in the United States alone and they love themselves some internet. Second, senior living executives would probably feel that they wouldn’t have enough appropriate or compelling content. Enter Griffin Jones.

Senior Living/Elder Care Facilities have among the most compelling content for social media platforms of almost any business category.

Raise your hand if you had a grandparent you loved. Good.

Raise your hand if they shared with you stories you will carry with you forever. Good.

Raise your hand if there’s nothing else you could possibly ask them, you’re content, there’s nothing more they could have offered. Didn’t think so.

I could listen to an interesting senior tell stories for hours and hours. I have. World War II, the Great Depression, the peak of US industry, Cultural Revolution…not enough compelling content?

Here’s how to do it:

1). Hire a decent videographer who can bring with her/him a decent logo

2). Give your series a branded name

3). Create a You Tube channel named after the series

4). Shoot dozens of three to five minute videos with all of your interesting residents

5). Have a young person do the interviewing. A young staff member, a group of high school students in need of community service hours; if they can come up with great questions–even better

6). Activate the series, by posting to your website, Facebook page, e-mail newsletter, e-mail signatures, and links and QR codes in physical newsletters and mailings

7). You will probably need an inbound marketing software like HubSpot to effectively measure leads, but the plus side is that you can also use this for fundraising and one generous endowment could justify everything.

What’s your favorite story from a parent or grandparent?



3 thoughts on “Marketing Challenge: 7 Steps for the Best Senior Living Social Media Campaign

  1. If you dare to do this (risking HIPAA violations), don’t forget to get the subject’s permission in writing to use the video on YouTube and any other outlets where the content may ultimately be shared. You may also want to protect their identity in other ways, such as using only first names.

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