Marketing Challenge: Coffee Wars

I talk about how advertising is damage control and marketing is positioning from the beginning. Here’s an example:

If I was an entrepreneur in the hot beverage business, I would have to ask myself how I could advertise to make my coffee house stand out?

Can I buy higher end coffee, coffee from different countries, different flavored coffee, or have a nicer ambiance, or a lower price than all of Tim Horton’s, Spot Coffee, Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, or Coffee Culture, combined? I would have to spend a lot of money advertising to people in a world that has gotten incredibly good at completely ignoring advertisements. No, I think I’ll stay out of the coffee business.

Maybe instead I start a chain of tea houses. No coffee here. Just every kind of tea you can possibly think of. Small, cozy cafes. Cute ceramic tea cups. Maps of the countries my tea comes from on the walls. And fun facts and health info written on the table. Oh, and one rare tea per month from some monastery in the Himalayas that sells out after 100 cups. DONE. Next marketing challenge PLEASE!


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