Pop Out: How Soda is Headed Toward Linguistic Monopoly

I first noticed it a few years ago. The pinkos are winning. The word pop is disappearing from planet Earth. I am from Buffalo, NY where we have always said pop.Soda was once a completely alien word.


I stole this from http://tastyresearch.com/2006/10/05/pop-vs-soda-vs-coke/ because I’m ruthless. It’s ten years old: I want to know how much it’s changed.

When my cousins from eastern New York State would babysit us and ask us if we wanted soda, I thought they were offering me a box of Arm and Hammer.Today, soda is much more common to hear among young people. It’s clearly generational, the word pop will probably be completely gone in a few decades. What I’m wondering is, is the speed of the change geographic? We say pop in Buffalo because we are a Midwest city (culturally) and we’re next to Canada. I’m sure there’s a few old timers in New England who still say tonic, but that word is all but gone (now means tonic water).  I’m intrigued. I’ll always say pop, because I wear your granddad’s clothes and I look incredible, but I concede soda rolls off the tongue easier. Please pass this around. I want to do a little study. I especially want to hear from people in Rochester, NY, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Canada. 

Please comment!! I want to know FOUR things:

Where are you from?

How old are you?

Which word do you use?

Have you changed words in your life time?


6 thoughts on “Pop Out: How Soda is Headed Toward Linguistic Monopoly

  1. I’m 28 and I grew up in northern Indiana. We called it ‘pop’ until we moved to St. Louis 10 years ago. St. Louis says ‘soda’ so we’ve changed what we call it.

  2. I love this kind of stuff!

    I’m from Canada (Ontario, originally – moved to Alberta in the last year)
    I’m 27
    I say pop (exclusively)
    I have always used the word “pop”
    Now I’m going to pay attention to what word people in their teens here are using. Which could be tough, I don’t interact with many on a regular basis

  3. I’m from the Rochester area and always used pop but since moving to Baltimore I have shamefully started to use soda more and more often. I am 24.

  4. I’m from the southern tier of western NY[Allegrany county]….58 years old and its always been pop.But I now live in Texas and have noticed here people use “sodi pop” alot.I believe west Texas uses the term pop or coke.”what kind of coke do you want?”

  5. Without a thought I use to always say pop. but because of all my travels I think so to have slowly crap in my vanacular… I’ll slip up and say soda once in awhile.. but like you I’m tethered to the pop ship

  6. It also brings me great joy to see my home County of Livingston As the most eastern dark blue County in New York

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