Diving Off the Fiscal Cliff: Bring on the Pain

Not the Real Thing, But Close Enough

If Congress were a frat party, and the fiscal cliff was the jump from the roof to the three foot swimming pool, I would be the meat head in the letter jacket chanting, “Jump! Jump!” I wrote a post about it a few months ago. This may be the Ritalin and the excitement of Friday talking, but “let’s do it, bro. Bring on the pain”. I’m among the most at risk. I provide social media marketing services in a vulnerable market. But I’m a patriot. I love America, don’t I? I want to balance the books now rather than later (like we really have a choice). Will we starve? Or will we pull together? Do we need Christmas gifts this year? Or next? Even one? Can we carpool more? Can we hike outside, and have potlucks and camp fires? It will hurt badly but if we hurt together will it really be the bad? Will it give us an excuse to do more things for free, like cook, clean, spend time with our families, and excercise? Let’s do it, baby. I’m not afraid anymore  (I HOPE).

Sidenote: In Europe they have a different word for Fiscal Cliff. Austerity. Ours is better. JUMP! JUMP!


2 thoughts on “Diving Off the Fiscal Cliff: Bring on the Pain

  1. I’m not sure that I agree totally with your “bring it on” attitude, but I agree with your outlook that “life as we know it on our planet” will continue. Maybe if more of us let our congressmen (women) know that we’ll find a way to carry on, they’d decide to sit down and solve the deficit. And it’s hardly “Late Breaking News” that they didn’t come to resolution – again. Thumbs up.

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