Save The Country

The mountains of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

It seems to me the people with whom I most often argue about suburban sprawl are those from the country.  So let me clarify. I live in the city for two reasons. Reason 1: It’s awesome. Reason 2: I want to save the country. People move out to the country all the time because they want to be surrounded by nature. They want solitude. The problem is they’re not the only ones with that idea. More people move there, and more. To escape, you have to move even further into the country. It never really stops. I can’t enjoy one or two acres of woods, especially not when I can see through them to another lot of houses or a highway. I  do enjoy, unscarred wilderness as far as the eye can see. Just the planet Earth, the way God made it.  When I was a boy, my grandparents owned three horses and a pony. They had a few barns, a few tractors, a few pastures. My grandfather only owns an acre or two himself. The rest of the land around him was hundreds of undeveloped acres. We literally dashed through the woods on a one horse open sleigh. The first to go were the woods to the west. The high school doubled in size. The woods to the north gave way to an apartment complex. Today, the woods to the south and the east are completely gone; cleared to accommodate the ever expanding trailer park down the road. There are no woods surrounding my grandparent’s house anymore. I know, it wasn’t his land. They can do whatever they darn well please. But I won’t be a part of it. Especially because I live in a place that has more than tripled its developed land  when it’s lost more than a third of its population. What’ about cities that have tripled their population? I live in the city so there is a country left to love. McLean said it best, I’m City Born, but I Love the Country Life


7 thoughts on “Save The Country

  1. Texas has no urban sprawl whatsoever…especially the DFW.

    We went camping this summer at the Allegheny reservoir ….we went through miles and miles of untouched land and through plenty of quaint, dusty towns like Salmanca and Bradford…I even remember prodding you by saying each hillside needed a low income housing development to make it seem just right…..i just don’t see the urban sprawl in places like this?

    And what exactly do you propose to prevent this urban sprawl from reaching these unscathed places?

  2. There are a lot of great hiking areas in upstate NY. I find myself frequenting such places in the fall. They provide the perfect atmosphere (for myself, anyway) to shut off your mind and enter into a very intimate time with God, during which a much needed re-calibration of sorts can be executed. It allows one to step back and see a much clearer big picture. There are too many false distractions/misdirections today. This is essential to a truly healthy living.

    Of course, I would be able to enjoy this exponentially more if this land were my own and not owned by the state/fed!

    1. Totally agree, but with 7 billion (and counting) people on the planet, we’ll carve up God’s green earth to the point where no one can enjoy it if we each try to own 2 or 3 acres. The national parks of the west vs undeveloped woodland in the east is a good example of this.

      1. I read a stat somewhere that if every man women and child had an acre of land it wouuldnt even take up all of australia.

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