How Social Media Makes Your Advertising More Effective

“Come on down to Wilson’s Widget Warehouse. In business since 1944 with the widest selection of widgets, from all of your favorite name brands. Our friendly, knowledgeable, no pressure sales staff can help you make the right decision to fit all your widget needs. Wilson’s Widgets, because we’re here for you.”

If you still use this in your radio or television commercials, try it on your Facebook page. Odd. Zero likes. Zero shares. Zero comments? Must be Facebook. Try Twitter. Zero retweets. Zero replies. But this is marketing. This is how it is supposed to sound. I didn’t let my TV rep run that goofy ad, because I know this was better. But it only has two views on YouTube.

Your social media outlets merely tell you what your advertising rep or creative agency has been trying to tell you for years. People HATE commercials. You’re an honest businessperson. Great. How what a dishonest businessman describe himself? The exact same way. When you post a message like the above on your Facebook page, your customers (or lack their of) are giving you their brutally candid opinion, by what they’re not doing: Interacting.

Social media makes you be honest with yourself. There is now analytic proof that your advertising is unremarkable. You’re not a politician (if you are: take a lesson), you don’t have to speak in advertising soundbites  Do you sell fishing supplies? Post a picture of the biggest fish you ever caught. And the littlest. Are you a plumber? Post a one minute video of yourself every week with a DIY plumbing tip. Oh, and do it while sitting on the john with your pants at your ankles. Just talk to us. Be honest. Be brief. Be candid. You will know you are when you see people talk about you to their friends and family through, shares, likes, reblogs, retweets, comments, etc. Beyond all else, that is the value of social media to a business.



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