The Four Most Basic Ways to Use a Blog to Improve Your Google Search Results

While it can be time consuming, this should  be the most natural form of marketing for you. You are the expert in your field, right? You should know your product better than me, John Q. Customer. But you’ve probably noticed that John Q. Customer knows a lot more today than he did twenty, ten, or even five years ago. He’s getting his information online. He could be getting it from you. Even if you’re here in Buffalo, NY and your customer is  from Medicine Hat, Alberta, you can create rare answers to infrequently asked questions. There’s a number of things to do to convert the inquiry into a sale afterward, but that’s for a different post, isn’t it?

1). Create a blog for your website.

2). Map the blog to your domain so that it’s either (first choice) or You can do this through WordPress among many others.

3). Answer every question you’ve ever been asked in your line of work. Every single one. Do this as concisely as possible. Create a different blog post for each question.

4). The question should be the title of the post


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