You Don’t “Like” the City

Feel free to disagree. I have this conversation a lot. Sometimes with people older than myself, sometimes with people my age. I want to live in the city forever. They of course comment, “but it’s so dangerous. What about the crime? I like it here in [insert township]. It’s safe. It’s quiet. I don’t have to pay for parking,” I get it. That’s where I grew up after all. It was nice. I LIKED it too.  I LOVE living in the city. And I don’t even live in a big cosmopolitan city. I love riding my bike everywhere in the nice weather months. I love supporting local businesses. I love not drinking and driving. I love walking my dog in the park and seeing hundreds of people playing basketball, Frisbee, soccer, reading, tanning, jamming in hippie drum circles, and walking their own dogs. You know why? Because they love it too. Ask them. They’re smiling and laughing for the same reasons I am. We’re all part of that energy.  They’re not all young urban professionals. But most of them are young souls. I understand, larger yards and three car garages make the suburbs a very convenient place to live. I like convenience. I like security. I love vivacity. I love enthusiasm. I love the living, breathing, animal that is urban living. I’m willing to accept a very small, but nonetheless higher risk to my physical safety. I’m willing to sacrifice slightly superior municipal services for slightly poorer ones. The return is well worth it. For every unnecessary traffic light that puts me in a bad mood, there are a thousand souls, full of life, to pull me out of it. If you agree, please tell me why in the comments section. Be only positive about the city, if that’s your opinion. Don’t put down the suburbs. If you disagree, please respectfully tell me why. You may be able to turn my mind a little, but I’ll wager that most of the people who genuinely disagree with me are those that live in larger villages with a town center that resembles a smaller version of the city community. Life’s too short to just like.


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